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Redmond Worldwide is a consulting firm that specializes in Enterprise Risk Management to include: Business Continuity Management, Emergency Management, Crisis Planning, Regulatory Compliance and Information Security.

Redmond Worldwide assists clients with assessing risk, architecting, implementing, testing and monitoring solutions, while reducing their exposure to global threats, and protecting its employees and assets.

Redmond Worldwide offers full Enterprise Management Consulting Services to private and government enterprises both in the normal mode of business and at time of adversity.

Our Vision
To earn trust, every day.

We aspire to earn the trust of customers as a champion for them and as a company that provides them with a steady flow “Enterprise Solutions That Work”. By earning trust, we will build growth.

Our Mission
To work to become:

  1. The innovation, quality and service leader in our Industry, and the best "customer-caring" company in our industry, as judged by our customers.

  2. The most effective company in our industry at developing “Enterprise Solutions That Work”.

  3. The best-managed company as defined by functional competencies, alignment around goals and behaviors, business integrity, teamwork, productivity and cost-consciousness.

  4. The most improved company in our industry and, ultimately, the company in our industry that is most trusted by key stakeholders.

  5. Known for our leadership edge achieved by our passion for excellence.

Our Leadership Behaviors

  • Keeping abreast of all the new and innovative knowledge in our Industry
  • Shared accountability and transparency
  • Cross-functional teamwork and collaboration • Listening and learning
  • Benchmark and continuously improve
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Business integrity

Our Values


To have faith in the company, in our clients and in oneself.

Business Integrity

To do the right thing.


To make the tough calls, to deal with ambivalence and to face adversity with quiet competence.


To be in tune with the feelings of customers, co-workers and other stakeholders.


To take pride in doing things really well.


To get things done through a bias for action.


To know when one doesn't know and to ask for help.


To make a difference through situational leadership -- usually by convincing others to follow.


To develop the driving force that generates energy.

Performance Differentiation

To recognize and reward those who contribute more.

Peripheral Vision

To see both the immediate task and the full picture, and to be sensitive to how one's actions affect others.


To develop the ability to see and reach beyond the ordinary field of view and ambition.


To accept differences and to see the unique qualities of each person.


To recognize that unity is strength and to directly work out our differences.


To stay the course and finish the tasks, even when unexpected obstacles develop.


To earn the trust of others through authenticity, dependability and sincerity.

Our People
Ms. Michael Redmond

Michael is joined by over thirty expert consultants specializing in focus areas spanning all  aspects of risk assessment, management, strategy and solution implementation. Our staff also includes communication and professional development experts to assist our clients with awareness and training initiatives.

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